About Us

Experience the authentic taste of Philippine cuisine and enjoy the interesting fusion of Asian and Western cultural influences that have contributed to our native cuisine.

Philippine cuisine is an interesting fusion between Asian and Western cultures resulting from a number of past colonisers of the country. Original settlers were from the Malay islands, China and the other Asian territories. The biggest western influence to the Philippine culture comes from being a Spanish colony for more than 300 years. All these influences from foreign cultures have further enriched the flavours and tastes of our native cuisine.

LaMesa Philippine Cuisine is a family owned restaurant that was originally established in 2002 in Sydney’s northern beaches in the suburb of Dee Why. Unlike the other Asian cuisines, Philippine cuisine has had a limited presence in the restaurant market mainstream. Until recently, not much has been known about our native cuisine. Through hard work and dedication to providing quality food and service to our customers, LaMesa steadily built up a clientele of people from different backgrounds; regular customers from the local vicinity of Dee Why and from all parts of Sydney and beyond. Through word of mouth by satisfied customers, new faces continually came to LaMesa to experience the unique flavours of Philippine Cuisine.

After 10 dedicated and successful years in Dee Why, LaMesa has progressed to new premises in Sydney’s CBD. Located in the heart of Chinatown, LaMesa Philippine Cuisine resides on the first floor with beautiful, authentic interiors sourced from the Philippines in a significantly larger space than its humble Dee Why origins. LaMesa aims to promote Philippine cuisine throughout the Australian multicultural community by providing a unique and authentic Filipino dining experience within a home-felt, welcoming atmosphere. We hope to familiarise our local clientèle with the authentic Philippine taste, as well as evoking a native experience for our fellow Filipinos.